Touch Points

Touch points (This goes to the steam generator section above)

1 Fuel (check spelling on webpage)

HRC steam generator operates on LPG or Natural Gas.


2 Materials

The modules will be entirely constructed out of stainless steel


3 Steam Quality

At 185 degrees Celsius at 10 Bar pressure the HRC steam is dry and of high quality. Dryness fraction > 0.99, hence no product contamination.

Pressure and temperature are fully adjustable to suit customer requirements.


4 Noise and Safety

TheĀ  HRC units are less noisy than existing steam boiler technology and are safer to operate as they do not store large volume of water or steam under pressure.


5 Boiler attendant

The once through HRC steam generator does not require a full or part time boiler attendant. Designed for un-attendant operation.


6Boiler Blowdown
No boiler blowdown and few chemical are required for the feedwater, except where poor water conditions exist.