Green thinking

More than just a mindset, for us its a way of life.

To make the best use of our present and future energy sources and ensure fuels and other primary sources get efficiently converted into services you want.

Research and Development

The principal research and development activities since 1999 have been in Thermo-Acoustic combustion and detonation technology, resulting in HRC  proto-type models. Our future R&D interest and focus will be on Biomass gasification and Pyrolysis for the production of Syngas or Bio-oil while the research into new applications for the Thermo-acoustic HRC system and technology is ongoing.

The Research Division scientists and developers are; Mr. Matthew Fox – Mr. Theo van der Vossen, Dr. David Proctor and Mr. Rembrandt van der Vossen.

Delafield Pty Ltd is the owner of all the related intellectual property and copyrights concerning this technology and its derivatives.

The company engages external consultants and industry specialists from a diverse range of commercial sectors, on an “as and when” required basis. We believe that with this strategy we are able to engage the best specialists without putting strain on the cash flow management of the company.

Mr. Matthew Fox

Managing Director

Mr. Theo van der Vossen

Scientist / Director

Dr. David Proctor

Scientist / Consultant

Mr Rembrandt van der Vossen

R&D Manager