Questions from Operators


Technical personnel/operators

At the operating level, the day-to-day efficiency and working life of individuals can be directly affected by the steam plant and the way in which it operates. These individuals want to know that the plant is safe to operate and going to work when required, how well it will work, and the effect this will have on their time and resources.

Technical personnel/operators need answers to the following questions:

  1. Will it be safe and will it break down?

A well designed and maintained HRC steam generator is very safe to operate and should have no cause to break down. The mechanics of the system are simple to understand and designed to minimise maintenance.

  1. When maintenance is required, how easy is it?

The HRC steam generators are designed to facilitate rapid easy module exchange maintenance with minimum downtime. The HRC modular design is a benefit in this respect. For example, if maintenance is required, a HRC steam generator modules can be replaced by undoing the universal pipeline connectors and slotting a new HRC module unit into place. The other installed modules are unaffected by this and can remain in normal operation, facilitating an uninterrupted steam supply to the process.

Sophisticated monitoring systems target the components that may need occasional maintenance, allowing preventative maintenance to be carried out when necessary on working items of the steam generator. Control valve internals can simply be lifted out and changed in-line, and actuators can be reversed in the field. Mechanical pumps can be easily serviced, universal pipeline connectors allow modules or components to be replaced in minutes.

An important point to note is that when annual maintenance of the system is required, in accordance with local regulations, a HRC steam generator is easy to isolate and exchanged with a new module, meaning that maintenance and repairs can be quickly actioned and carried out without interruption of the manufacturing process.

  1. Will it look after itself?

The HRC steam generator requires maintenance just like any other important part of the steam plant, but thanks to our modular design and minimal operating requirements, the maintenance is minimal and the lifetime costs of the system is very low. For example, HRC steam generators are fully automated. Feedwater treatment, burner control, water level, blowdown and alarm systems are all carried out by automatic systems. The boiler can be left unmanned and only requires testing and maintenance in accordance with local regulations.

Similarly, the steam plant can be managed centrally using automatic controls, flow metering and monitoring systems. These can be integrated with a SCADA system.