HRC Steam

Harmonic Resonance Combustion Technology (HRC)


  • Steam

40% of all energy consumed in industry is for the production and delivery of steam or hot water, produced by conventional steam and hot water boilers with a legacy that dates back 200 years and corresponding levels of low efficiency which rarely exceed 66% conversion from energy to steam delivery. The HRC system harnesses technology and reduces fuel costs by 30%. The market is significant and particularly evident where intermittent (rather than continuous flow) steam is required. This market is primarily represented in the food processing industry but also includes paper and pulp, space heating, grain drying, spay drying, dairy products, fruit juices, hospitals and pharmaceutical production


  • Technology Advantages

Imagine a technology that provides instant steam that can be shut off just as quickly; the HRC system meets that requirement while it also improves productivity, is extremely energy efficient and cost effective The HRC system reduces fuel consumption by 30%, through increased combustion efficiencies which results in higher profit margins and associated cost savings.



  • The Solution

This HRC system provides the solution to the rising cost of fuel; it offers steam instantly with reduced need for blow-down.


steam1 steam2


The HRCT system represents the next generation in heat exchange technology offering superior capabilities, more efficient combustion, better energy performance, lower environmental impact, and greater flexibility with a lower cost profile.


  • The Future

The “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude is finally being questioned in this very conservative industry as energy cost and consumption become a central focus of industrial development. There is now a strong appetite for this type of disruptive technology. We are confident that the HRC system will gain rapid market acceptance as its capabilities become known in target markets.